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Logo Design Norwich; We also offer a full logo vectorising service


If you are looking for a logo designer in Norwich or need a logo vectorising, then please enquire for pricing. Or call us to discuss your needs: 0333 12345 34 

We are happy to help and can provide a low cost vector logo in a few hours. This service is over night as standard and provides a quality vector file and formats such as EPS, .ai or PDF or all 3 please raster logo options too. 

We are professional logo designers and offer these services to help you create your own identity and corporate look. 


What is logo vectorising? 

It is taking a flattened raster file ( a logo made up of pixels) and converting it to a quality lossless file type like .ai or eps, these files are virtually infinitely scaleable.   


What is a vector logo? 

A vector logo is a logo that have been produced in a vector based program like Adobe illustrator of corel draw, these programs use mathematical equations rather then individual pixels to render the lines and images within the logo, so that the logo can be enlarged or shrunk with little impact on it's file size or quality. 


How can I get my logo vectorised?

Ovation Design can help, we offer logo vectorising as a very low cost solution with great results and because we are a UK based design Agency we can be contacted via phone and given specific instructions to be carried out very quickly. 

Send us your logo, we'll quote from as little as £15.00



Best Logo vectorising websites! 

Yes there are logo vectorising websites around and if you need low quality and often questionable reproduction then give it is go, but we are a professional agency with the ability to offer you aftercare and support with your logo including re-sizing and colour changes. 

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