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On this page discover five reasons why corporate brand guides essential for event stand design



When you are planning a corporate event, brand guidelines are an essential part of the planning and execution. In a recent interview with the exhibitions team at Norwich Production Bureau, we learned that they are meticulous about brand guidelines for their events production and here is why.

1) Consistency

Every time someone visits your website, business, or receives printed material from you they draw their conclusions about your company. This perception is an essential part of the decision making the process as to whether they will buy from you, or use your services. It is equally important to ensure that your exhibition stand conforms to the same strict guides to articulate your brand vision.


2) Setting standards & rules

The purpose of brand guidelines is to set out a clear set of rules around best practice and how to use your brand logo for example. It will provide support of the consistency of brand image, which means that when a company like Production Bureau create your exhibition stand, it promotes your brand in the most appropriate ways on a variety of media.

3) Logo & Display Recognition

The clarity provided by brand guidelines means that your brand's logo remains easy to identify, this helps avoid confusion and keeps your logo recognizable in public domain. Customers will begin to know your mark and even your colour scheme, sometimes without your logo.

4) Staying Focused


With a launch of a host of new services and growth in your business brand guidelines will assist the brand with their controlled representation. It aligns the business' interests with your intended audience.

5) Value


A brand with a cohesive identity increases the brand's perceived value as it allows the brand to appear more professional and reliable. When implementing your guidelines, you will find it much easier to maintain the quality and integrity of your brand's image.

If you need help with your brand guidelines then, of course, you can speak with an agency like ours or a specialist like Production Bureau, who will help you make the right decisions on font application, colour choices for print, web and other digital media.

The best brand guides are those who scrutinise the position of your logo and the space around it, the guides that investigate the RGB, Pantone & CMYK values for the key instances where other external suppliers or design companies will need to create and represent your brand.

It is especially important to unify the brand guides when the company is an international or multinational, companies like RBS, TSB, AVIVA and other signification global organisations.

It is worth going to football clubs, rugby clubs and other brand-focused organisations to see how they are doing it, they create fantastic and comprehensive guides with there internal and external marketing and design teams.

For more information, please feel free to call us and see how we can help you with your ideas. It is good for you and your business that you are considering commisioning a brand guide for your company.


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