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Nicky Snazell's Pain Relief Clinic advertises massage therapy

Modern jobs and lifestyles lead more and more staff and managers into a high-stress environment.


How can we reduce stress backaches and other pains caused by the modern working environment?

Everyone knows about seating, small desks and long hours will lead to stress, cardiac issues and a symphony of pain which results in unhealthy, unhappy and unwell workforces.

At the pain relief clinic, the company is advertising Nicky Snazell's Stafford Massage, MBST and other therapies to promote health in the UK. 


Advertising in the health sector is particularly difficult and highly competitive.

 An incredibly competitive industry is serviced by thousands of clinics both publicly and privately.  Social media is a great access point for younger persons, however, the average age of the patient at the clinic is 66,  the majority of these  customers are not proactive on social media. They prefer print advertising is and newsletters. 

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